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Olivier's Bio


Born and raised in New York, Olivier stays true to his German and Haitian roots, visiting both countries frequently.  A mélange of the three cultures, to include the U.S., influences his musical journey, which he started around the age of five when he began to learn intricate piano pieces by ear, unknowingly following the family tradition of both grandfathers.  From there on, Olivier began to explore various genres, which eventually led him to express his views, experiences and emotions authentically by writing his own pieces.

Olivier has expanded his musical style into pop with the aim to create timeless music.  The relationship Olivier has with his audience is most important to him and he enjoys nothing more than sharing the vibes on stage.  “Creating this emotional connection with others, especially through music is a powerful and life lasting experience… to me it is everything to share thoughts and feelings with the audience and reaching them on a deeply personal level, teaching them the power of vibrations and frequencies.”

Olivier affirms he is "inspired but not influenced by Justin Bieber & XXXTENTACION".

Olivier started his career as a fashion model at age 18, first signing with the agency T.I.A.D. in Düsseldorf, Germany, then State Mgmt in New York, and now IMG Models New York and LA.  Since then, he has been working the Men’s Fashion Week in New York every season  Olivier has also modeled bi-coastal for the 2017 Spring/Summer American Eagle ad campaign, the 2018 Spring/Summer Uniqlo ad campaign, E-commerce for Barneys NY, and many more.  He has had several publications in magazines and has been featured on Times Square billboards.

Today, Olivier is an artist with an ever stronger interest in creating, producing, and sharing musical energies - eager to share his work with as many music lovers as possible.  The ultimate goal is to make music that will influence individuals from the inside- out, in a positive way.

To help people see the light through the dark, and to lend a helping hand to those who need it.


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